Nitrites, Nitrates, and Your Health

Health effects of nitrates in your water info

Nitrites and nitrates in your drinking water are completely impossible to see, smell, or taste. But they are associated with serious health risks especially for infants and pregnant women. A total of 2 million people were served water that exceeded public health guidelines for nitrite and nitrate in 2015. …Read more »

What’s the Black Gunk on My Fixtures?!

Sludge, slime, gunk. Whatever you call it, you probably don’t want it near your drinking water. It’s sticky, it often smells, and it can leave you puzzled. Black residue on faucets and fixtures is a very common problem and we have some answers. …Read more »

The Drinking Water Taste Guide

Whether it’s salty, moldy, or metallic tasting–the flavor of your water can tell you a lot about what’s in it. The exact cause of water tastes can often be challenging to determine. Therefore, we have created a handy guide to help you identify and treat common causes of household water tastes, as well as what to do about it. …Read more »

Arsenic and Water Treatment

Arsenic anxd Water Treatment

Testing your water and detecting arsenic is never good news. But rest assured there are reliable steps you can take to protect your health. If you want to remove arsenic from your tap water, there are a few important things you need to know. …Read more »

Arsenic in Oregon Well Water – Should you be concerned?

Fresh Water

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality found that 6% of the wells tested in Jackson and Josephine counties show arsenic levels above the maximum safe level of 10 micrograms per liter in a 2017 study. Yet many Rogue Valley home owners have never tested their well. Arsenic has no smell, taste, or color when dissolved in … Read more

Arsenic detected in over 40% of Jackson County Wells

Arsenic in Well Water - Warning

As part of a USGS investigation, a review of past groundwater quality studies in the Rogue Basin summarized that arsenic was detected in 19 out of the 52 wells tested (17%), and in 44% of the Jackson County wells tested. The EPA has warned that drinking water containing low levels of arsenic over many years can lead to a multitude of health problems such as skin damage, circulatory system problems, and increased cancer risk. Exposure to high levels can be fatal. …Read more »

What makes my water smell like Rotten Eggs?

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs

Since Hydrogen Sulfide is a gas, you may need an onsite water test to verify Hydrogen Sulfide’s presence.  Pure Water Solutions will perform a free 9 point water test for free and without obligation. Please call 541-890-2751 Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) can occur in wells anywhere including well water here in Southern Oregon. At concentrations present … Read more

Is Your Water Potable and Arsenic Free?

drinking water

A well water potability test is the least expensive water test you can perform and is well worth the money. A well or water system may become contaminated with harmful bacteria and other organisms when the well or plumbing is open to the environment during construction, repair, if the well casing is deteriorated or damaged, … Read more

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