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Chlorine Removal Water Filtration System

Is my tap water safe for bathing and showering?

“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” U.S. Council of Environmental Quality

So what can be done to help protect your family from chlorine?

Pure Water Whole House Chlorine Removal Systems

A Pure Water Solutions Whole House Chlorine Removal Tank removes chlorine from every faucet and shower eliminating the chance that you will suffer any negative effects of chlorinated tap water for you and your family.


All of our Whole House Water Filters offer you a 5 year Manufacturer Warranty and are GUARANTEED TO PERFORM AS REPRESENTED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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We specialize in low cost, easy-to-maintain residential and commercial whole house water filter systems that remove virtually all chlorine providing your home with pure, perfect, better than bottled water quality at every faucet.

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Pure Water Solutions is an Oregon licensed contractor, local to Southern Oregon and a family-owned business – not a franchise. We offer complete installed packages. We have installed hundreds of systems in Southern Oregon using properly licensed contractors and sub-contractors for all our work.

Health Risks of Chlorine in Water

Unfortunately there are many health risks that are involved with our contact with chlorinated water that go far beyond simple consumption of the product. You may even be surprised to learn that a hot shower in unfiltered water is one of the most damaging to your health. The steam that fills your bathroom when you are engaged in a hot shower is extremely dangerous to inhale, because you are actually taking in far fewer water vapors than you are of chlorine. This is due to the fact that chlorine vaporizes far more quickly than water does.

When you are inhaling these deadly vapors your body is taking in around 600% more of the chlorine than you normally would through consuming unfiltered tap water. This is one of those statistics that almost screams the answer to the question is tap water safe for bathing and showering.

The fact that you are drawing this chemical directly into the soft tissue of your lungs also means that it is entering your bloodstream more quickly. This is a very dangerous situation to be in if you suffer from asthma or other bronchial related ailment, because chlorine could trigger an attack.

Chlorine is a severely powerful respiratory irritant. I think that the fact that it was originally used in the form of a chemical weapon proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how much damage to your body this chemical is capable of inflicting. Still you ask is tap water safe for bathing and showering?

You are not only inhaling the chlorine gas into your system, but you are also taking in chloroform. This is the natural state of the disinfection process byproducts THMs. If you are showering, bathing, or washing clothes or dishes in hot water you are releasing chloroform gas into your home.

Sitting in chlorinated bath water allows your body to absorb the chemicals through the pores of your skin as well as through inhalation. The THMs you absod are a known carcinogen, and soaking in hot bath water over a period of time can predispose you to developing cancer.

How effective are water filters pitchers?

Of course using any filter is better than drinking water right out of the faucet. But if you use one of those pitchers with Brita water filters in it you may not have as safe of water as you could get using a different filtering method. Wouldn’t you rather have all unhealthy substances removed, than just a portion of them?

Those water pitchers remove some contaminates, but the filters are so small they cannot possibly filter out all the dangerous chemicals in our water supply today. They don’t filter out the THM’s, or chlorination byproducts. These harmful THM’s trigger the free radical production in our bodies, which are highly carcinogenic and cause damage at the cellular level in the form of cancers.

You may be using Brita water filters because they are the best selling filters you can buy. Notice I did not say they were the best water filters you could buy, only that they are the best selling.

One of the reasons they earn that title is they sell more filters than anyone else. And one of the reasons they sell more is the initial cost to purchase one is less. The initial cost may be less expensive, than other brands and models, like an Pure Water Solutions countertop model, but that is where the cost savings ends.

It costs about 22 cents a gallon to purify a gallon of water in those Brita pitchers, but it only cost one half a cent per gallon in the Pure Water Solutions counter top model. Plus the Pure Water Solutions filter removes more dangerous contaminates.

So don’t just look at what models are the least expensive in the beginning to buy. Look at the long-term cost of operating and look at the performance data sheets to find out what they remove from your drinking water. If the performance data sheets don’t list a certain contaminate on their sheet, you can almost always be assured the dangerous chemical is still in your water after it goes through their filter.

If in doubt, write to the company or email them and ask them if you are in question of any particular contaminate. Whatever water purification product you use, whether it be Brita water filters, Pure Water Solutions water filtration systems or any other method of purification check out their web sites and compare total costs, both initial cost and cost of filters including how many gallons of water they filter. Also find out the percentage of removal for all contaminates and decide for your self which system is best.

And remember just because Brita water filters are the best selling, they are not the best at filtering out dangerous contaminates.

How safe is the tap water you are drinking?

I think that I have effectively answered the question whether tap water safe for bathing and showering. It is extremely important for the health of you and your family to eliminate chlorine for every sink, faucet, and bathroom in the house. This is the one and only way that you can be assured that the future safety of your family is guaranteed.

Our Pure Water Solutions drinking water systems are low cost, affordable, include free install, free trial periods and can be purchased with low monthly payments. Good health starts with pure water so taste and feel the difference.

Why Worry About Chlorine in Your Water?

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