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Pure Water Solutions specializes in low cost, easy-to-maintain residential and commercial water filtration systems including both salt based and salt-free water softeners.

We also provide under the sink reverse osmosis systems producing 50 GPD of drinking water as well as 2K to 8K gallons a day, whole house reverse osmosis systems used to treat Arsenic, Salty wells, and virtually any contaminate providing your home with pure, perfect, better than bottled water quality at every faucet. All of our Whole House Water Filters offer you a 5 year Manufacturer Warranty.

The right system for your needs depends on your water. Before recommending a solution we offer a 100% FREE, no-obligation water analysis.

Whatever your current water quality challenges, all our water filter systems are GUARANTEED TO PERFORM AS REPRESENTED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Learn more about our guarantee »


Remove virtually any bacterial and mineral contaminants like: Arsenic, Iron, Nitrate, Hardness, bacteria, salt, hydrogen sulfide, boron, iron, bacteria, aluminum, lead, fluoride, turbidity, copper, chlorides, sulfates, pesticides, metals, radiation and fertilizers, etc.

The Right Solution is Pure Water

Pure Water Solutions is an Oregon licensed contractor and a local Rogue Valley business – not a franchise. We offer complete installed packages. We have installed hundreds of systems in Southern Oregon using properly licensed contractors and sub-contractors for all our work.

Even if you have problems with odor, hard or soft water, salty water, high PH / low PH, bad taste / smell, cloudy – stains, chemicals, coliform, corrosion, etc, we will have a high value low cost solution that will provide pure water and good health for you and your families.

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