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Is there arsenic in your drinking water?

Arsenic Chemical Element

While it is a naturally-occurring element, Arsenic in drinking water is bad. Ingestion of as little as 100 milligrams (mg) can result in severe poisoning. Amounts in water are normally much lower, but low concentrations still can lead to chronic symptoms.

Arsenic is known to cause cancer. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, as well as impairing brain development in children.

Other trace elements found in in drinking water that can be toxic include barium, lead, cadmium, uranium, manganese and radon.

If you have a private well, get it tested!

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined, to be safe, drinking water may contain no more than 10 parts per billion of arsenic. While water from public utilities is regularly tested, if you have a well, it is up to you to get it tested for arsenic and other contaminants.

Most people usually test their well water only when it tastes funny or smells bad. But arsenic is both odorless ad tasteless. According to the Jackson [County] Soil and Water Conservation District, naturally occurring arsenic is found in pockets throughout the Rogue Valley. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

What to do if your drinking water contains arsenic?

Depending on the water analysis in your specific well, Pure Water Solutions can provide an affordable state of the art solution. A reverse osmosis filter next to your kitchen sink is most affordable. A whole house reverse osmosis system will provide arsenic free water from every sink and faucet in your home.

If you are concerned you may have arsenic in your body, ask your doctor for a simple urine test.

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