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Arsenic Removal

Arsenic Removal Success!

Pure Water Solutions recently removed 680 Parts Per Billion of Arsenic (68 times over the EPA Limit) with a Lifetime cost of only $5.00 /mo., giving Arsenic Free water to Paula’s home at 10 GPM with Zero Waste Water!

Got the use of my well back!

I have lived on my property for 32 years and had wonderful, plentiful water. Three years ago I got arsenic poisoning and had to start having water delivered to my holding tank while I searched for a well and pump company that would give me a guarantee and good warranty.

None would stand by their systems until I found Ross at Pure Water Solutions. My arsenic level is .68 but that didn’t scare Ross off. He kept reminding me that if his system couldn’t get rid of the arsenic I would get my money back plus have a 15 year warranty on the system. So I went for it.

My arsenic level is now .001 and I have wonderful clean water again. Ross stays in contact me and if I have questions or a problem he is right there with the answers. It’s nice to have someone as knowledgeable as Ross in my corner!
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Arsenic Detected in Rogue Valley Wells

Water quality experts say arsenic is found more often in Jackson County than other parts of Oregon.

A USGS review of past groundwater quality studies in the Rogue Basin summarized that arsenic was detected in 17% of the wells tested in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Odorless and tasteless, arsenic can be detected only through testing.

Be Safe – Free Well Water Test for Arsenic

If you are concerned your water may contain arsenic, call Pure Water Solutions for a 100% FREE, no-obligation water analysis.


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Arsenic Removal Water Filtration Systems

Arsenic Tank
Arsenic Filter Tank

Many Southern Oregon families depend on groundwater wells for their drinking water supply. Some of these families may have no idea that they are regularly consuming arsenic. Toxicity of arsenic to humans is well known. Ingestion of as little as 100 milligrams (mg) can result in severe poisoning.

Arsenic can only be detected by a well water analysis.

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A Cause for Concern

While a safe concentration for consumption has not been determined, the EPA has set the maximum acceptable levels for arsenic for Arsenic at 10 parts per billion (ppb). Three Rogue Valley wells had arsenic levels above this maximum level, in Gold Hill (11.7 ppb ), Grants Pass (18.1 ppb), and Jacksonville (32.1  ppb). Neilson Research Corporation, a local drinking water laboratory, reports that many more locations have arsenic levels above 10 ppb.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring semi-metal element. Both odorless and tasteless, arsenic can enter drinking water supplies from natural deposits in the earth and runoff from agricultural and industrial practices.

The EPA has warned that drinking water containing low levels of arsenic over many years can lead to a multitude of health problems such as skin damage, circulatory system problems, and increased cancer risk. Exposure to high levels can be fatal.

How can arsenic be removed from my drinking water?

Based on your specific well water analysis, Pure Water Solutions can provide an affordable state of the art solution to treat either one arsenic free faucet at the kitchen sink or a whole house treatment providing arsenic free water from every sink and faucet in the home.

We have installed over 500 water treatment systems each designed to eliminate every possible contaminant commonly found in Southern Oregon wells.

All of our solutions remove both the difficult to remove Type III and Type V forms of Arsenic.  

Arsenic Free Platinum Solution

Because arsenic is found in well water throughout Southern Oregon, families here have a need for a high-performing, cost-effective, and easy-to-use arsenic removal system. Pure Water Solution’s new proprietary Arsenic Free Platinum Solution is both unique and affordable.

Our Arsensic Filtration System is GUARANTEED to reduce arsenic to below the EPA standard (10 ppb) and typically reduces levels to less than 1 PPB.

Arsenic Removal Benefits

  • Unlimited Arsenic removal System
  • One Time Cost – Never Purchase Arsenic Media Again (after initial costs)
  • Eliminates the need to replace expensive media
  • High Flow Rate arsenic removal system
  • Only $5 per month to operate
  • Produces Zero Waste Water; 1 gallon of raw water produces 1 gallon of Pure Water.

Replacement arsenic removal media is expensive – $3000.00 per tank. With Pure Water’s Arsenic Free Platinum Solution you’ll never purchase arsenic media again (after initial costs). This technology is exclusively offered by Pure Water Solutions.

Pure Water Solutions Guarantee


The results are always guaranteed with our Pure Water Solution systems. You can rest assured that if we do not achieve our represented results, 100% of your money will be promptly refunded. Learn more about our guarantee »

Why do business with another company who will not offer you the same guarantee?

Pure Water Solutions is a local family owned business — not a franchise. We are properly licensed, insured, bonded, and we always use properly licensed contractors for all our system installations. 

As an independent water filtration company, Pure Water Solutions performs extensive research and testing to find the arsenic removal systems that are most powerful and effective for water conditions in our Southern Oregon area. We are proud to offer the most powerful and affordable arsenic removal solutions in the marketplace today to our Southern Oregon customers.

Arsenic Removal Systems

1. Under the Sink Arsenic Removal Cartridges

Affordable, dependable and built to last for years, our under the sink Arsenic removal cartridges provide the highest level of Arsenic treatment. The best in the industry, the cartridges will treat up to 4000 gallons of drinking water with 10 PPB of arsenic. They only need to be replaced every 2 years, not annually like most brands.

As always, if you find any levels of arsenic in our under the sink filters prior to 2 years, we will replace your arsenic removal filter for free for the following 2 years.  

2. Whole House Treatment Tank Systems

The most affordable methods for removing arsenic from every sink and faucet in your home is by having Pure Water install one of our advanced whole house backwashing arsenic Filters using either absorptive media or an an ion exchange system similar to a water softener. These systems can easily reduce high levels of Arsenic of 90 PPB (9 times of the EPA levels of 10 PPB) down to less than one half of one part per billion. These methods sometimes require pre-filtration for Iron and Oxidation of Type III Arsenic for an effective total Arsenic contaminate removal rate of 99.9%.

We will provide 3rd party verified lab results of our systems ability to eliminate Arsenic as stated above upon request. Of course, all our Arsenic removal systems are 100% money back guaranteed to work as represented.

3. Whole House Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

Reverse osmosis systems remove the largest number of contaminants including arsenic, commonly found in well water, but cost more than either of the Arsenic removal systems mentioned above. Unless you have other difficult to remove contaminants like Sodium and Aluminum, in addition to Arsenic, this likely not your best water treatment solution cost wise.

If you find a Whole House Reverse Osmosis system (RO) is required due to exceedingly high levels of Arsenic, Aluminum, Sodium, Chloride, and / or Boron, etc., in your well water, our proprietary systems will recirculate the RO waste water up to 3 times and will produce 1 gallon of pure water from 1.25 gallons of waste water!

We will show you how to use the waste water for grasses, shrubs trees making our Pure Water system a Zero Waste Water solution.

Pure Water Solutions has over 24 years of Organic Agriculture experience behind us to insure that every consideration and need for your home, landscape and garden(s) will be included with all our whole house water systems.

Why Worry About Arsenic in Your Water?

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