Welcome Southern Oregon to the Pure Water Solutions (Go to: www.Pure-WaterSolutions.com website for more information) “Pure Oregon Well Blog”. We are beginning an ongoing Series on every aspect of well water management, specifically targeted for Oregon wells and springs, which can result in perfect house water for and your loved ones for decades to come if practiced.

We are fortunate to live in a region that has unrivaled well water quality unknown to most parts of the world. Pure Water Solutions (Tel: 541-890-2751) will bring you the knowledge, and if required, both amazing and affordable technology, with money back guarantees, to remove any common contaminants like Scale, Iron, Arsenic, bacteria, etc., which is in most cases the only remaining thing required to giving you a lifetime of Perfect water.

At Pure Water Solutions it is very affordable, to most people’s amazement, to remove any amount of naturally occurring contaminants in your well water, which is the only thing keeping you from experiencing the incredible benefits of living the rest of your life with Pure, Clean Healthy Well water.

Arsenic in Well Water - Warning

Arsenic detected in over 40% of Jackson County Wells

Many Southern Oregon families depend on groundwater wells for their drinking water supply. Some of these families may have no idea that they are regularly consuming arsenic. As part of a USGS investigation, a review of past groundwater quality studies … Continued

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs

What makes my water smell like Rotten Eggs?

Pure water Solution’s treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide is safe, affordable and using effective treatment with a 5 year manufacturer warranty that will easily provide 20 – 25 years of trouble free service.  We use a specially designed treatment tank that … Continued

drinking water

Is Your Water Potable and Arsenic Free?

A well water potability test is the least expensive water test you can perform and is well worth the money. A well or water system may become contaminated with harmful bacteria and other organisms when the well or plumbing is … Continued