Salty Tasting Well Water – Sodium and Chloride Removal

Salt Sodium Chloride

Most water contains naturally occurring mineral salts, including sodium, chloride, magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate. In the right concentration, these salts are beneficial for the body. Plus they help give water flavor. But if your drinking water tastes salty it could be a sign of too high a concentration of sodium, chloride, or sulfates.
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What Is The Best pH Level for Drinking Water?

Glass of water

A sudden significant change the pH value of your drinking water could be an indication pollutants or unwanted chemicals are present. Chemicals, minerals, pollutants, soil or bedrock composition, and other contaminants can interact with water to create an imbalance, either high or low. If this happens to your water, get your tested for contaminants. Your water could be unsafe to drink. …Read more »

Hardness and Scale Removal

scale on showerhead

Hard water is not a health hazard. In fact, it may have moderate health benefits. However, in both commercial and domestic settings, hard water can cause problems. If see chalky mineral stains on your water fixtures, on your glasses and cookware, and in your shower and tub, it’s likely you have hard water. …Read more »

Aluminum in Drinking Water

aluminum cans

Aluminum has drawn attention in recent years due to a number of studies linking chronic aluminum exposure to the development of nervous system disorders. Aluminum is the Earth’s the third most common element and we are all exposed to it to some degree. At low levels, aluminum exposure is likely not harmful to your health. But high aluminum levels in water can be a health concern. …Read more »

Is iron in drinking water safe?

Rusty sink caused by iron in water

Iron in drinking water is generally not a health risk but it can certainly be unpleasant! And it can be a real bother. If you suspect excess iron in your drinking water, this is the place to start. …Read more »

Boron in Drinking Water – Is it Harmful?


Some areas in Oregon have high levels of boron in the soil. Excess boron exposure is a health risk especially to infants, children and pregnant women. Boron compounds are odorless and tasteless. The only way to know if it is in your drinking water is testing. …Read more »

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