Iron in Water… Is It Unsafe?

Iron is not considered hazardous to health in and of itself. In fact, your body needs iron to maintain healthy blood.

Iron is a naturally occurring element that is found in many sources, including well water. But if your faucets are clearly running rusty orange water, it isn’t just unappealing. You could be harming your health. When iron is present in high concentrations in water, it can cause a condition known as iron poisoning.

Removing iron from well water can provide both health and home benefits.

Iron poisoning is a serious risk especially to young children. Symptoms of iron poisoning include stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. In severe cases, it can also cause anemia, liver failure and even death.

Iron poisoning is not the only effect of excessive iron in water. Iron-laden water can sometimes cause skin problems like acne and wrinkles and make your hair feel brittle and dry.

Metallic Taste in Food and Beverages

Iron can give water a metallic taste, which can make it unappealing to drink. Iron can also create a strong, unpleasant smell, which can be especially noticeable when the water is heated. Removing iron from well water can eliminate these problems and make the water more enjoyable to drink.

Stains on your laundry

Iron can cause rust-colored stains on clothing and other fabrics, which can be difficult to remove or even permanent. Removing iron from well water can prevent these stains from forming.

Clogging Pipes and Appliances

Iron can clog pipes and other parts of appliances, which can reduce their efficiency and lead to costly repairs. Removing iron from well water can help to keep pipes clear and appliances running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.

Remove Iron from Well Water

There are several methods for removing iron from well water, including filtration, ion exchange, and oxidation. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best method for a particular situation will depend on the type and concentration of iron in the water, as well as the individual’s needs and preferences.

A free consultation with Pure Water Solutions will determine the best method of safe and permanent removal of iron from well water.

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