Hydrogen Sulfide is an unpleasant smelling and naturally occurring substance sometimes found in well water in Southern Oregon. Although it is considered harmless and dissipates relatively quickly into the atmosphere when it comes into contact oxygen, hydrogen sulfide makes drinking water undrinkable to most people and gives off an unpleasant “rotten egg” sulfurous odor when you shower or run the water out the faucet.

Pure Water Solutions has several maintenance free treatment plans available to rid the well water of the unpleasant, “rotten egg” effects of Hydrogen Sulfide in your water.

The plan we recommends depends on the volume of water usage required and the concentration levels of the Hydrogen Sulfide in the well water. To determine the most cost effective and effective treatment plan for you, we test for Hydrogen Sulfide on site.

At Pure Water Solutions, we come to your property and perform the water test for FREE.

We also guarantee that our treatment plan will remove 100% of this “offensive” substance, from every tap, shower and faucet or we will refund you your money back.

We have successfully treated several commercial locations including 2 businesses in Ashland, Oregon: Jackson Wellsprings and Paradise Supply, whose waters contained extremely high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide.

You no longer need to purchase expensive bottled water. Let Pure Water Solutions save you money while at the same time provide you with pure, fresh smelling and tasting water for your home and or business.

Our most advanced media is called Nano Soft HSR and remove extremely high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide up to 25 PPM follows:


  • Residential systems
  • Pre-filtration for ion exchange systems


  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal up to 25 PPM
  • Backwash Without Chemicals or Salt
  • Long Lifetime
  • Highly Efficient
  • Short Contact Time
  • Works in both Low and High pH


Nano Soft HSR removal is the most effective media for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The advantage of this media is the short contact time and the small amount of media needed.

The hydrogen sulfide is reduced catalytically to an insoluble sulfur precipitate. These precipitates create particles up to 0.1 to 1.0 mm, depending on the amount of hydrogen sulfide present in the water. The precipitates are trapped in the under bed and easily removed during backwashing. We recommend a short backwash daily or every two days depending on the amount of hydrogen sulfide and water usage. Backwashing occurs with regular well water.

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