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Pure Water Solutions
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 by Dan M.
Iron Free Water

We have enjoyed the iron free water for a few years. These folks know how to deal with many type of water problems. We are pleased with our system.
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 by S. Z.
My Hair N Skin Thank You

ROSS @ PURE WATER SOLUTIONS was so helpful at helping me find what kind of system I would need for my home that I just moved into. He reviewed my water report and we came out with the perfect plan.

Installation was fast and now I get filtered water at the kitchen sink and a water filtration system throughout the house. NO MORE Buying bottled water for us! Yay!!! MY HAIR N SKIN THANK YOU too.
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 by Rhonda B
above and beyond

Ross with Pure Water Solutions went above and beyond to help us with fixing the contamination in our water. He is extremely knowledgeable, and can do what other people can't, or wouldn't try! He really explained everything to us in detail. Then walked us through every step of installation.

Definitely choose Ross, and Pure Water Solution system to get clean water!
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 by Marilyn W.
Highly recommended

Pure Water Solutions did a great job for us. They were there when they said they would be and did what they said they would do. Highly recommend.
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 by Kathleen F.
The best solution for pure water

Purewater Solutions, the best solution for pure water.

I have had my well water filtered by Purewater Solutions for the past three years. I have very rotten egg water. Pure Water Solutions has kept my water clear, sparkling and fresh. The system is trouble free and just quietly does the work. When it did have a one time hiccup, a phone call and a tech led me through the programing process and back to perfect again.

I just love this company, so honest and friendly. If it can be fixed remotely they will do it.
If you need good water call the company that knows water best. Highly recommend.
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 by Matt C.
Ross knows his stuff

Ross knows his stuff, the process was super simple. I will admit that just sending in a water test and purchasing based on only his voice over the phone was interesting. Everything is perfect, the issues we had are gone and we have great water.
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 by David L.
Informative and Knowledgeable

When I contacted Ross at Pure Water Solutions I found him to be very informative and knowledgeable in how to solve my hard water issues that I was experiencing at my home. He quickly provided me with everything I needed to install the system and was always (and still) able to answer my questions and concerns that I had. I highly recommend him and Pure Water Solutions for any hard water problems.
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 by Marisa J.
I love my water filtration system!

I love my water filtration system! I have peace of mind knowing that when I drink my water, I’m not ingesting harmful substances. Ross and his team did a great job with the installation of the system and answering all my questions. I highly recommend them!
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 by Larry D.
Easy to Work With

Very prompt and easy to work with.

 by Don B.
Extremely Helpful

Ross at Pure Water Solutions was extremely helpful, he took the time to go through our whole water system (we have a well) and explain how everything works together and then he gave recommendations. He never tried to push us to purchase anything from him, he just wanted to make sure we knew all our options.
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 by Susan C.
So Happy!

We are so happy with our new water system. It is so nice to turn on the faucet and have great water to drink! I hated having several water bottles laying all over because each person had their own water bottle. Would have to label to know whose bottle was who's. Then got the Brita counter water container which took a lot of counter space and had to change the filters quite often. Not to mention with so many people having to constantly fill. NOW just turn on water faucet 👍👍👍👍👍 We highly recommend. You won't be sorry!
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 by Bret & Kate D.
Above and Beyond

Ross went above and beyond to help us evaluate and develop a solution for our arsenic issue in our well water. Ross also provided support with questions I had with the installation.

The whole house platinum system was successful in reducing our arsenic levels from 243 parts per billion to non-detectable.

In my opinion, the added bonus of Ross’ solution is that it’s only consumables are common household items found on the shelves of several local stores.
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 by Dennis C.
Very Pleased

I bought the filter for arsenic and iron two years ago and I’m very pleased with it. It works great. My water even looks clearer. Thank you.
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 by Rick and Diane J.
Solved the problem

We’ve had our water filtering system for years. It has been absolutely wonderful. We developed a small issue and Ross got on it and solved the problem. Thank you so much; you're the best!
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 by Brian E.
Really knows H20

Ross really knows h20 and his equipment is 1st class. Great service and always there to help.
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 by Markaye
Amazing Results

Our new to us home's well water made the entire place smell like rotten egg, from the moment you walked in the door. Plus the water was orange and silty creating orange tubs, sinks, washer and clogging lines so much you couldn't use the dishwasher. Once our system was put in from Pure Water Solutions there were immediate results. Zero smell and orange gone! Ross even called to go over a few things and make sure all systems were working correctly. Amazing, drink from the sink, results!

 by Anna Teemer
Great customer service

It is a pleasure to do business with someone who has such a high level of expertise with great customer service.
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 by The Torculas Family
The water tastes so good

We love our drinking water system. Our family now drinks more water and we all feel better and healthier. The water tastes so good we cant get enough!
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 by JennyGreg M.
Removed the sulfur smell

Ross, of Pure Water Solutions, was able to provide the right equipment to remove the sulfur smell from our new well. The service was quick and he has been accommodating to any questions that we have had on our new sulfur removal system.
Would definitely recommend Pure Water Systems for anyone in Southern Oregon within the volcanic ash buildup areas.
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 by Josiah
Best Water Around

I highly recommend Pure Water Solutions. Their water units are outstanding. It's been about 5 years since my family and I made the switch and I am so happy that we did. Growing up I used to believe that water is water and I would drink out of a hose if I had to, but after switching I can really taste the difference between good healthy water and foul water.

Thanks Pure Water Solutions!

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