Why Is My Faucet Water Cloudy?

You turn on your faucet and the water comes out white, milky or cloudy. Should you be alarmed?

The Good News

Fortunately, the most common cause of cloudy tap water is just extra air trapped in the water. Completely harmless air bubbles dissolve in the water and give it a whitish appearance.

You may notice this happens more often in winter; cold air dissolves more readily in water.

Let your water sit in an open glass or container; soon you should see the water clearing from the bottom up.

If you notice this happens more with one particular faucet, there may be an issue with that fixture. Check the aerator and clean it if needed.

This can also happen if you have work done on your plumbing systems. Extra air gets into the pipes and dissolves in the water. It can take several hours or even days to clear up.

What If My Water Does Not Clear Up?

If, after letting it sit for awhile, your water does not clear up, you could have sediment. Water contaminated by sediment appears hazy or dirty. You may even see tiny specks in it.

Having sediment in your water is usually not a cause for concern. But it is a good reason to get your water tested. Certain contaminants in your water can be harmful.

A water filtration system or water softener can help eliminate cloudy water as well as protect your family from harmful bacteria or contaminants.

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