Why Get Your Well Water Tested?

Water that looks and tastes good may not necessarily be safe to drink. The only way to know if your drinking water is safe to drink is to have it tested.

Here in Southern Oregon, there is local concern about nitrates and arsenic.

Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District reports that in some areas of Jackson County, wells have been found to contain high levels of nitrate. In addition, water quality experts say arsenic is more commonly found in Jackson County than other parts of Oregon.

Children, the elderly, pregnant women and autoimmune compromised individuals such as cancer patients are particularly susceptible to the adverse health effects of contaminated water.

When to test your well

The Oregon Health Authority recommends water from wells used for cooking and drinking should be tested by an accredited laboratory for nitrates and coliform bacteria yearly. Arsenic testing should be completed at least once at the onset of residence.

You should also schedule a well test if you experience problems near your well such as flooding or land disturbance or if you notice a change in your water’s taste or smell.

Testing costs can vary and will depend on both the laboratory used and the tests performed.

How to test your well

Pure Water Solutions has arranged special pricing for a TOP 50 well water test which tests for common water health concerns such as heavy metals, minerals, nitrite/nitrate, pathogens such as E. Coli, hardness, silica–as well as issues related to plumbing. We’ll pass on the discount to you at our cost. Learn more »

This water test is designed for homeowners and renters who get drinking water from a well and who want to be sure their drinking water is safe.

Treatment if your well water is contaminated

Some problems are easy to treat. Other types of contaminants require more advanced treatments such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis. The appropriate treatment system depends on your well’s water chemistry and the specific constituents that need to be removed.

Pure Water Solutions specializes in low cost, easy-to-maintain residential and commercial water filtration systems including whole house reverse osmosis systems. We can help you get the right system for your needs.

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