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Meet Ross

I am a long time resident of the Rogue Valley since 1982 when I first moved to Southern Oregon to co-own and develop a 600 acre farm, along the Applegate River, producing Alfalfa hay and Organic Produce.  It was during this time I started to develop an interest in creating healthy well water.  I moved to Ashland, Oregon in 1992 to raise 2 wonderful children, of which my oldest son, Ryan, just graduated Occidental College in CA with honors.  My daughter will graduate  soon at the College of The Atlantic.  My second greatest passion, other than my kids and family, is purifying well water.

I started my water treatment business over 15 years ago which later became Pure Water Solutions of which over 400 treatment systems have been installed, using properly licensed contractors, benefiting thousands of people in locally while achieving 100% customer satisfaction.  Pure Water Solutions is also an exclusive Oregon distributor for LG (the cell phone and appliance company) water filtration systems.  We currently own and lease over 200 installed LG drinking water units, which eliminate the need for bottled water in a business or home.  We have even provided drinking water for most of SOU, including the Chemistry department, for the past 5 years.

Our company’s true strength is making well water perfect, regardless of the natural occurring contaminants found in your water.  All of our systems are 100% money back guaranteed to resolve your issues including Hardness, Arsenic, Salt,  Sulpher, Nitrate, Iron, etc. no matter how severe your contaminant levels currently are.  We now offer FREE on site well water analysis and consultation in Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland and surrounding areas.

We use highly effective technology, keeping our pricing low because of volume, using only the safe and environmentally friendly systems to provide pure water for your family and home.   I consider myself fortunate to own a local business that often times changes people’s life by working and purifying- what most would agree is one of the most important and amazing things in our life – Water.  We guarantee that you no longer need to live with bad house water because we have a Pure Water Solution which will provide your family with safe clean water, that’s just right for you.

Life is just too short to live everyday with bad water.


Pure Water Solutions

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