The Importance of Water Quality Testing

Many well water contaminants have no taste, odor, or color. Only a water quality test can detect them.

In Oregon, a water quality test is required for properties with private wells as part of the sales process. If you own your own home, the seller you purchased from was required to test the well for arsenic, nitrate, and total coliform bacteria to show the water is safe to drink.

Although your well was tested as part of the real estate transaction, you, the homeowner, are responsible for the continued safety of the drinking water you and your family use.

All water wells have the potential to become contaminated.

How can wells get contaminated?

Here are a few ways your well can become contaminated. If you notice a change in water quality (taste, color, odor), get tested ASAP.

  • Runoff from heavy rain, snow melt or flooding can cause germs and chemicals to enter your drinking water.
  • Disturbances to well or area around well such as nearby construction or repair of any part of well system.
  • Physical damage or disturbance of well casing, cap or seal from any cause. If your well is hand dug or more than 30 years old, the chance of contamination is higher.
  • Natural disasters – earthquake, flood, hurricane. Note: Fuel and other chemical releases and spills are common during floods.
  • Drought can cause water to be drawn from a more distant aquifer with lower water quality.
  • Leakage/seepage from nearby septic tanks and leach fields.
  • Pollution from nearby agricultural or industrial activity or other sources can seep into your well water.
  • Rodents, snakes and insects have been found in wells with damaged casing.

Benefits of Well Water Analysis Testing

The main benefit of a well water Analysis testing is peace of mind. You’ll know for sure if there’s anything wrong with your water and, if there is, you can take steps to protect the health of you and your family.

A higher-level test like the Top 50 Lab Test, will identify elements that can be harmful to health. Many contaminants do not smell, look, or taste like anything at all. But they can cause serious physical and mental health effects, or even kill. The Top 50 Lab Test tests for arsenic, aluminum, lead, barium, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, nitrate, boron, manganese, hardness, iron, sodium, chloride, uranium, fluoride, extremely low or high ph, coliform & e. coli and more.

Special Water Test Pricing

Pure Water Solutions has arranged for the Top 50 Lab Test at special pricing ($149.00) as a benefit for our customers. To access the discounted test, please contact Pure Water Solutions (541-890-2751) for a professional, no cost, no obligation consultation.

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