How to Increase your Home Value by up to 15% – 25% or Purchase New for up to 30% Less Money by Fixing Your Salty or Briny Well Water

I often times joke with homeowners, who have briny or salty wells, that I would be willing to take a percentage of the increased value that my Pure Water system will have on their home instead of being paid for my reasonably priced whole house water treatment systems.

I received a call from Debra, who now lives just north of Grants Pass on 10 beautiful acres as a result of my water filtration system, that she was interested in purchasing a piece of land that no one wanted because the well water had such a high mineral content (Oregon city water has 50 – 60 Parts Per Million (PPM) of minerals and Deb’s well water contained over 4500 PPM).  In fact, this water was so salty that if you placed a Goldfish in this water at night it would be dead in the morning!  The realtor had, of course, told her to not walk but run from this property, but Debra loved the place.  In fact, just 2 years ago the property was selling for over a million dollars. Now it was listed for 60% less, in part because of the bad-tasting, salty well water. 

Of course, I told her to buy the property. Regardless of how bad the well water appeared to be to her and others I would provide an affordable money back guaranteed system that would make her well water perfect for the whole house and still produce 2K to 4K gallons a day depending on well flow and water needs. 

Now a lot a people mistakenly believe that a whole house Reverse Osmosis systems (ROs) waste a lot of water, are expensive to maintain, and are not affordable.  Not true on all three counts.

First, in almost every instance we take all the waste water and use it for watering grass, shrubs, and mature trees with good results making our RO systems zero waste.  When treating well water with Arsenic, we can even program our ROs to circulate the waste water up to 3 times producing a remarkable 1 gallon of pure water from every 1.25 gallons of raw water.  Typically, our high quality Reverse Osmosis membranes will last for 18 months bringing annual maintenance cost down to under $500.00 a year.  Finally, because of our high quality, high volume low cost philosophy we are direct and exclusive to our USA manufacturer so that each system is designed to match your exact water challenges. We are able to sell our systems to my customers for less than most large regional dealers are trying to sell their less desirable big RO systems to me.

Deb purchased her dream property and to this day she loves the water as much as her new property.  Why?  The amazing thing about our water technology is that her 4500 PPM well water is now filtered down to 20 PPM of minerals making her water even more pure than any Oregon municipal water!  Most people live with this kind of highly corrosive well water spending thousands of dollars each year purchasing bottled water, having water delivered to holding tanks, replacing dishwashers, water heaters, faucets, and washing machines every few years.  Why not fix your bad briny or Arsenic well water, increase the value of your property, and prosper by living with what could soon be pure healthy water?  I believe that whatever challenges you face with your well water we at Pure Water Solution can provide you a simple remedy that will give you and your family a lifetime of safe pure water and a new found joy of home ownership.

If you are concerned or worried about the water in your home please contact Pure Water Solutions by clicking here or please call us 541-890-2751 for a free onsite water test and no obligation consultation.  As Southern Oregon’s most trusted and reliable company for water filtration an treatment solutions we are proud to provide service to the following Oregon communities:

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