Aluminum in Drinking Water

Aluminum has drawn attention in recent years due to a number of studies linking chronic aluminum exposure to the development of nervous system disorders.

Aluminum is the Earth’s the third most common element and we are all exposed to it to some degree. At low levels, aluminum exposure is likely not harmful to your health. But high aluminum levels in water can be a health concern.

High Aluminum Levels are a Concern

High aluminum levels in your drinking water or long term regular exposure can be a health concern. There are studies that have linked aluminum to nervous system disorders such Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Patients suffering from these diseases tend to have high levels of aluminum in some areas of their brains. But it is not known if aluminum is causing disease or if the aluminum starts accumulating in people that already have the disease. Other factors might be affecting these findings. More research needs to be done.

Aluminum Used During Water Treatment

Aluminum sulfate is used in water treatment to help remove difficult to remove microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium and other impurities that can harm your health. It works by causing the tiny particles to clump together into larger particles. The clumped microorganisms along with the aluminum sulfate is then filtered out of the water before it enters the drinking water distribution system.

Testing your Water for Aluminum

Aluminum does not cause any taste or odor in water. The best way to know how much aluminum is in your drinking water, is, as always, to have it tested.

Removing Alumimum From Your Tap Water

Water treatment devices, such as Distillation and Reverse Osmosis, are very effective in removing aluminum from water.

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