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  • Well Flow Tests (gpm)
  • Well Pump Installation, Repair or Replace
  • Pressure Tank Installation or Repair
  • Well Drilling, Deepening, Cleaning, Analysis and Consultation
  • Concrete Holding Tank Sheds and/or Well Pump Houses of any size
  • Water Storage Tank Installation
    Above ground poly tanks or in-ground concrete holding tanks whose top surface can be used as the foundation for a well house
  • Commercial and Residential Water Holding Tank Systems

Onsite Well Water Lab Testing in Grants Pass

If you need a well water lab test for either well water management or a real estate transaction, for a reasonable fee, our full service accredited environmental laboratory partner will draw a professional well sample regardless of where you live. You will receive a complete top 35 lab certified mineral and/or bacterial analysis with testing for arsenic, nitrate, and coliform bacteria as required by Oregon law.

Who is Pure Water Solutions?

Pure Water

Pure Water Solutions is proud to be a locally owned Southern Oregon company.

We are bonded, insured and licensed contractors with the State of Oregon (CCB #:191611). We are passionate about what we do and we love pure water!

Pure Water Solutions works with a team of local, properly licensed, independent contractors and sub-contractors to provide complete “one-stop” professional well water services for commercial or residential water wells in Grants Pass and all over Southern Oregon.

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your water solution.

Commercial & Residential Water Holding Tanks and Storage Systems

How Pure Water Solutions can solve low flow and water storage problems.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

In the Rogue Valley, well water production can vary widely, ranging from several hundred gallons per minute (GPM) to less than 1 GPM. For wells that yield 5 gallons per minute or less, a water holding tank and storage system will assure an abundant supply of water for your household needs.

Water storage tanks help protect the well pump from long term damage from constant cycling. Well water storage tanks offer additional home protection in the event of a fire.

A water holding tank system works by installing either a large 1000 to 5000 gallon poly reservoir tank or a 2000 gallon below ground concrete tank that can also serve as the foundation for a well house or storage shed.

A special “Dole valve” is installed to protect your well pump by insuring a slow fill rate based on your well’s production. A booster pump is installed to provide a pressurize water line from the holding tank to all the point-of-use faucets. As added protection we also include what is called a pump saver device to protect the booster pump and well pump in case either run out of water.

Finally, we can build a holding tank shed if you choose to have a 2000 gallon in-ground concrete water tank installed, or if you currently own one without a shed on it. We can also build a well pump house constructed with a concrete foundation sized to your exact specifications. Either way, a well house enables you to enclose and protect your pressure tank, filtration tanks (if needed), and storage needs into one convenient place.

Again, all work will only be performed by properly licensed Oregon contractors and sub-contractors.

To meet your needs and budget, we offer our services as a package proposal or your can choose just one service for your particular needs.

In Grants Pass, Call Pure Water Solutions for trouble free well water services and safe, dependable, purified well water for years to come.


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