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Pure Water Solutions offers a variety of affordable water softeners that can remove up to 100 GPG of hardness, 10 PPM of Iron and Manganese, Iron Bacteria, small amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide, can raise PH and remove many other contaminants.

Our water softeners are low cost, state of the art and GUARANTEED TO PERFORM or your MONEY BACK!

We believe in providing the best possible option for our customers while fully addressing their water purification needs. That’s why every water softener that we sell comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Learn more about our guarantee »

Pure Water Solutions is an experienced and licensed contractor and has built a strong network of qualified and licensed contractors throughout southern Oregon to fully install cost-effective, high-quality water softener systems for our clients.

At Pure Water Solutions we carry the Plus Series water softeners

Water Softener

Solid-state Control Valve
Our water softeners, which are unique from any other competitors’ systems, have a patented, solid-state control valve and remove small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, iron bacteria, 10 PPM of iron and manganese, and nearly 100 GPG of hardness. This control valve has a digital display that is easy to read and reports the functions and commands of the unit. For instance, a gentle alarm will sound will the unit requires service or maintenance.

Digital Display
Additionally, our water softeners track and report their own usage history on a digital screen. Usage history might include total gallons used during the unit lifetime, or, gallons used daily. This display also reports any errors that the unit has incurred and the total regeneration cycles.

4 Applications in One
The Plus Series water softeners at Pure Water Solutions work like four applications in one. A patented self-chlorinating technology combines with advanced electronics to soften the water, raise pH levels, and remove manganese and iron. Also, bacteria and minor sulfur conditions can be controlled resulting in the control of odors.

Pure Water Solution’s softeners may not be the first conditioners you have owned, but with our affordable high quality systems, which typically run for 20 to 25 years, it will likely be your last.

Let Pure Water Solutions provide you and your family safe and purified water for years to come.

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